No COLORS: 100 Ways To Stop Gangs
From Taking Away Our Communities

The best-selling book No COLORS sounds an alarm of a national gang crisis that will alert you to the need to react, now.

No COLORS is an inspiring direction finder and a guide. It gives citizens, community and business leaders, elected and appointed officials, educators and clergy clear instructions on best practices across America and Canada to help municipalities stand against gangs and youth violence.

No COLORS is published under NCPCV Press, an imprint of Morgan James Publishing. All rights reserved.



Actively Caring for People Policing:
Building Positive Police/Citizen Relations

Police play a key role in creating a community of compassion. Geller and Kipper instruct how to create an Actively Caring for People (AC4P) culture. Inspired by behavioral science, Actively Caring for People Policing imparts seven critical lessons, real-world examples, and exercises for applying the lessons in readers’ communities. Law enforcement relations have been particularly tense in recent years, but with a better understanding of community and psychology, police and citizens can better communicate and ensure peace with Geller and Kipper’s research and guidance.

Actively Caring for People Policing is published under NCPCV Press, an imprint of Morgan James Publishing. All rights reserved.



Performance Driven Thinking: A Challenging
Journey That Will Encourage You to
Embrace the Greatest Performance of Your Life

A turbocharged handbook to reaching your fullest potential professionally and then maintaining it for the rest of your life.

Did you know you were born to perform beyond your wildest expectations?Performance Driven Thinking will serve as your personal coach to a life of personal and professional prosperity. This journey will take you to a feeling of embracing life in the winner’s circle. It will assist you in overcoming the simple challenges of everyday issues to existing at a level which will benefit those who choose to take it. The key to this journey will begin when you discover the desire to perform and will end up with you embracing the will to perform. Non-performance in your life is no longer an option. Your stage is set. You have had a lifetime to prepare.

Performance Driven Thinking will be your ticket to your personal and professional performance of a lifetime. What’s stopping you? You were born to perform.


No BULLIES: Solutions to Saving Our Children from Today’s Bully

This concise guide is designed to answer the plea heard all over America, “What should I do?"

No BULLIES is published under NCPCV Press, an imprint of Morgan James Publishing. All rights reserved.